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What if we gamify performance in guest service?

   However much I try, I am not able to get my 13 year old son to connect with me as much as I want. I message him on facebook, Instagram, viber and through SMS. He may respond to 1 … Continue reading

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Lessons from the past

When Francois Pyrard wrote in his diary about the treatment he received from the people of Fulhadhoo in Baa Atoll 400 years ago, little did he know that he is recording a legacy that would later define the nature of Maldivians for … Continue reading

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“Tourism is not a dirty business, neither is it a dirty word”

One of the things I remember most about Michael Jay, my principal and English language teacher at the hotel school is two very important points he always tried to make to the Maldivian public. Whenever he got the opportunity to … Continue reading

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